The most beautiful of the performing arts, and the basis for all dancing. Teaches a child basic movement, poise and  grace. Ages 6 and up. Capezio or Bloche ballet shoes required.

 The beautiful art of ballet executed on Pointe. For serious ballet dancers.  Admission is by recommendation of the teacher.  Expect to buy 2 or more pairs of shoes per year as they are easily broken.

  An enjoyable and precise dance form for everyone.  Ages 6 and up. Capezio or Bloch Tan shoes with Teltone taps.  Ages 10 and up may wear Bloche Black tap shoes.

 One of the most popular of all dance forms. Emphasis is on basic jazz technique and stretching. Minimum age  is 6. Requires tan jazz shoes.

 The beauty and skill of floor gymnastics for boys and girls. 

                Ages 6 and up.                    

Employs ballet and jazz movements with a focus on reflecting the emotion of the music.  Either ballet or jazz training is a prerequisite.

 A good, downhome form of dance that includes basic tap movements. Fun for all ages!  Ages 6 and up.  Tap shoes required. (Beulaville Studio only)

 Creative movement and exercise for the young dancer. Basic muscular and mental development are encouraged through fun.  Incorporating all phases of ballet, tap, and tumbling. KD1 ages 3 and 4 will need ballet shoes. KD2 ages 5 and 6 will need ballet and tap shoes.